Community services

M. Manzi – Director: Community Services


To provide informal and educational needs of the community and also to enhance cultural and recreational potential of the communities they serve.
“A community housed in sustainable human settlements with access to socio- economic infrastructure
To provide sustainable land for development of quality houses”


Our mission is to work in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, to ensure that literacy and numeracy levels are above average, to promote the culture of reading and learning among the entire community of Nketoana Local Municipality through the provision of information and resources, in a manner that promotes and support lifestyle, leisure and culture.

“To provide equitable access to adequate housing to the community of Nketoana Local Municipality, characterized by affordable housing, services, access to social amenities and economic opportunities.

To ensure optimum quality of life for the community by improving the current utilization of space and to improve and maintain building quality and ensure compliance with building regulations and standards to promote building safety”

Core Functions

  • Door to door collection
  • Management of waste site / compacting
  • Transportation of waste to waste site
  • Awareness campaign and education programme
  • Waste disposal (illegal dumping)
  • Provide effective library and information services to the community at large
  • Determine the reading and information needs of the community that it serves
  • Provide relevant library material of predetermined standard for the needs of all who may benefit from it
  • Organize, present and accommodate library material for optimal usage
  • Promote library material and services effectively to the entire community
  • Awareness campaigns

Waste Management

  • Door to door collection
  • Management of waste site/compacting
  • Transportation of waste to waste site
  • Awareness campaign and education programme
  • Waste disposal (illegal dumping)


  • Encourage self-built housing
  • Establish a housing support centre
  • Ensure that commonages are well managed
  • Implement project for special housing for physically challenged and aged
  • Discourage evictions on farms
  • Transfer land to existing owners
  • Encourage the provision of rent to buy housing stock

Building Control

  • Implement building control measures
  • Apply national building control regulation
  • Offer technical advice and keep updated building statistics
  • Administer outdoor advertisement
  • Promotion of safe and sustainable building/ structure, which are uniform to the law

Town Planning

  • Plan, survey and transfer land
  • Move people that stay in flood line areas to proper developed land
  • Acquire additional land for the township establishment
  • Develop new business sites in newly developed areas
  • Land- use Management