Economic Profile

Main business sectors

The main economic activities in the area are agriculture and retail businesses. Nketoana is a fertile agricultural region and approximately 20.6% of the economically active population is employed in the agricultural sector. About 7.9% of those who are economically active are employed in the wholesale and retail sector and a significant portion of the population is employed in the financial- and business services sector (24.51 %). Other main industries or sectors of employment in the municipality are;

  • Electricity, Gas and Water Supply (26.38%)
  • Transport, Storage and Communication (4.90%)
  • Community, Social and Personal Services (3.56%)
  • Manufacturing (2.49%)
  • Diplomatic services (1.05 %)
  • Construction (0.62%)
  • Private Households (0.42%)
  • Mining and Quarrying (0.01%)
  • Other industries (7.55%)

Mining activity

No formal mining activities take place in Nketoana, seeing that the main form of income and business activity is Agriculture. There are limited informal mining activities taking place in the Petrus Steyn and Arlington areas, which include mainly the extraction of gravel, clay and building sand.